Версія 5.6.6.

Підходить для наступних моделей:

* Bullet M2/M5/Titanium
* Rocket M2/M2 Titanium/M3/M365/M900/M5/M5 GPS/M5 Titanium/M6
* NanoStation M2/M3/M365/M5/M6
* NanoStation Loco M2/M900/M5
* NanoBridge M2/M3/M365/M900/M5
* AirGrid M2/M5/HP/HP New
* PowerBridge M3/M365/M5/M10
* LiteBeam M5
* PicoStation M2
* AirRouter/HP
* PowerAP N
* PowerBeam M5 300/400 ISO

Список змін 5.6.6: ENG
- New: Security enhancements
- New: Enable Block management access on WAN in default configuration (SOHO Router mode)
- New: OpenSSL update to v1.0.2h
- New: lighttpd update to v1.4.39
- New: Disable custom scripts usage
- Fix: Security updates (malware scripts check and removal)
- Fix: AP drops all stations. Sometimes recovers only after reboot. (XW)
- Fix: Correct antenna selection for PowerAP N devices
- Fix: Corrupt WEB UI when language set to French
- Fix: After FW downgrade to 5.5.6 device goes to read-only state (TFTP recovery to previous airOS version is required to restore normal operation)
- Fix: Some vulnerability/security changes

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